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Overdosing on truffles in Marche

“Truffles – anyone who does not declare himself ready to leave Paradise or Hell for such a treat is not worthy to be born again.” – Maurice Goudeket, ‘Close to Colette’ (1955) Some people hate them, some people are so obsessed they pay 1,000’s of euros for them. Naturally I am talking about truffles. While, I didn’t think it was possible to overload on truffles, but I suppose I was wrong. In one day in the marvelous land that is Marche, I got…

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How (Not) To Learn Another Language As An Adult

A while back I was reading somewhere online (ok Forbes) that Less than 20 percent of American adults speak a language other than English. It piqued my interest because as a second language speaker in Italy I thought what about Europe? In The Guardian apparently just over half of Europeans (54%) are able to hold a conversation in at least one additional language, which is pretty impressive considering so many university and high school classes in Italy focalize on a more  theory-based curriculum. It got…

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Behind the Lens: My Year Of Travel On Instagram

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”― Gustave Flaubert This influential French novelist who wrote the great Madame Bovary has a point. The more I see the world, I feel infinitely more humbled. Just walking through the Sunday walking market in Chiang Mai, it is as easy to get lost in the hundreds of people as it is to order a fresh coconut. Way too easy. And the more I hear ignorant…

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Buying My First White Truffle in San Miniato

It’s taken me eight years, but I finally made it to the ‘truffle’ capital of Tuscany, the beautiful & slightly mysterious San Miniato. For Tuscany newbies who might not have heard of this Tuscan town, it is by and far the ‘capital’ of fragrant fungi high in the hills, between the valleys of Egola and Elsa in province of Pisa. Every year in November & December, they throw the festivals of all festivals, featuring white & black truffles found by local…

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Marvelous Marche part one

To be honest, if you asked me about the Italian region of Le Marche a few months ago, I would have likely sported a blank stare and admitted that I absolutely knew nothing of this area of il bel paese. And what a shame that was! While I am slowly but surely trying to visit different areas of my adopted country, like my recent trip to under-discovered Valtiberina, Le Marche is a bit further away and was never really a…

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8 Reasons Why I Am Grateful To Italy

Why Italy? And not one of the many other incredible places to call home in this world. All I know is my own reality and life in il bel paese has come with its fair share of hardships, sure, but has given me far more than I’ve probably provided in return. In honor of Thanksgiving, a holiday I have always loved despite its dubious birth, here is my own personal list of (just a few) reasons why I grateful for…

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