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Ask an Expat: Volunteer in Florence

Florence, Italy | How to Volunteer tips by @girlinflorence

So while I haven’t exactly kept up with my promise of posting this once a week, I am attempting to grow a section of the blog titled ‘Ask an Expat’  in order to touch more on frequent questions I get from you guys, my valued readership. By answering the questions here, and by keeping the questions anonymous, everyone benefits by being able to read what I would answer right here on the blog and we can use this post as an…

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Ask an Expat | So I Met an Italian Guy…

My best attempt at looking like an expat that you’d want to trust, did it work?  With ‘rientro’ (Italian for re-entering the world of work after vacation) at my doorstep, I feel very motivated to be consistent on Girl in Florence with topics that I’ve been meaning to touch on for some time. I typically blog about travel/food/where to go and what to eat in Florence / events/ life in Italy/ interviews with locals. I want to touch more on…

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5 questions expats in Italy hate being asked

Without trying to be like a teenage emo kid listening to a spotify indie music playlist, I thought I would write a more personal post for a change. When I started this little baby of a blog of mine, I was very unsure about how much personal info I wanted to share. I thought about keeping it strictly events/news and the like but everyone once in a while I like sharing a bit more since after all there are so…

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Resources for Expats or Immigrants

  These posts/links pertain to expats/immigrants living in Italy or Florence. Feel free to send me a message on my “contact me” page. For those looking to volunteer in Florence, Read this article, and The Florentine wrote a great article about different options available in the city. Get to know us COSI batch of bloggers, writing about the same subjects based on our personal experiences. A recent (2014) article on Permesso di soggiono resources via Sarah from blog, The Italy Project.…

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10 mistakes that Expats in Italy make

Since living in Italy since 2007 —I have definitely gone through my own personal ups and downs adjusting to life in beautiful Florence. Because it happens to be a city full of American students , expats, and foreigners, a common misconception is that if you fall under one of those categories, life will flow easily since you are so close to your counterparts. Sometimes I think us english-speakers would have a more meaningful time, and speak more Italian if we were…

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Locals I Love: Meet Kirsten Hills, A Video Journalist in Florence

This rainy, slightly depressing Sunday has taken a turn for the better as I’ve managed to get my act together and share yet another story as part of my local’s I love compilation that has spanned over five years. This series is dedicated to interviews sharing the lives of people I’ve personally met around Italy to give people a better window on what life is really like here. Life is not instagram, and through these words people who wonder what…

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