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A guide to romantic Lisbon, Portugal


Truth be told, I have been obsessed with Lisbon ever since we got back from our #winteroadtrip from the south of France to Portugal this past December. Five days of living it up with my partner in crime and I really think we got the most of our vacation, it was non-stop walking, eating, drinking and experiencing. This city is full of all sorts of interesting corners and neighborhoods, a place where your first impression is drastically different from your last. The…

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Eating your way through Lisbon

  “Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.” ― Orson Welles I theorize that Mr. Welles was rather onto something. I know I talk a lot about food on this blog but living in Italy has catapulted my respect for the l’arte di mangiar bene [art of eating well – something that even sounds better in Italian, doesn’t it?] and life for this Tuscan Texan is almost reminiscent an endless mission of great meals…

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First impressions of Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon – the city of seven hills, though I am pretty sure there are more than seven – at least my glutes claim that to be so, is an European city worthy of an extended visit. In fact, CNN just wrote this article about why it could just be Europe’s coolest city!  The whole point of our #winteroadtrip from the south of France to Portugal was to spend New Years in this city by the sea and that we did. Of…

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One day in Toledo, Spain

Until you’ve seen Toledo, you have not seen Spain {a famous Spanish saying}. Ah, Toledo – I only got to enjoy walking around your beautiful cobblestone streets for one night and one morning but one thing is for sure – you certainly know how to leave a great first impression. The reason I happened to be in this UNESCO heritage site in Spain only 30 minutes from Madrid was due to it being the perfect stop during our #winteroadtrip from France to Lisbon,…

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Luxury spa day at Inuu Thermal spa in Andorra

Looking at the photo above makes me feel like I am in a sort of galactic enterprise on top of a ship in Star Trek. Instead, this is the inside of an amazing spa called Inuu located in the country of Andorra. The country of Andorra itself is pretty cool, located in the southeastern Pyrenees mountains, sandwiched between Spain & France with its official language being Catalan and known as a tax-haven (expect tons of shopping malls in the capital city).…

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