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Odd in Florence – what you won’t see in your guidebook

Living in Florence, Italy for as long as I have – I could easily provide you with amazing photos of my city every day of the week like the one below {and I often do}.

Always a visual delight

Always a visual delight

Of course as fun as that is – what about showing you some of the other things I have spotted around town? The weird things, the odd objects, the strange sitings. Yes, either I seem to attract weird or weird is attracted to me. I spot all sorts of strange shit in this city from time to time. Folks, I promise you none of the below photos will be found in any Uffizi gallery gift shop. 

Exhibit A: Scary white van with uber creepy doll attached to the side-view-mirror, just-hanging-out. Nope this was not a staged photo but just another Friday night in town.

Well hello there children!

exhibit B: strange mass of hair/fur or as someone commented ‘a skinned ewok‘ located under a gas panel in Porta Romana near my work.

contemporary art?

Exhibit C: Subliminal messages from yet another {creepy} white van during one of the hottest days in August. 

Exhibit D: I think this was someone’s angry response to the mandatory Italian tv tax. One TV in one Arno River in Florence.

Exhibit E. While picnicking in the park in front of Zoe & Negroni bar near Ponte alle Grazie. I spotted a very creepy mask attached to a tree in the park. I wonder if the person who owns the white van/doll also is responsible for this work of ‘art.’

I am watching you! always & forever

Exhibit F: Once again, I am on my way to work and as I linger at the bus stop for trusty number 12. I see this sad scene on the ground in Piazza Ferrucci. Everyone knows what legos are – but does anyone know the kid whose temper tantrum resulted in this toy massacre?

A sad day in the LegoLand world

Exhibit G: This is a photo snapped earlier this year in front of my house. One of the water pipes burst and apparently a normal team of plumbers weren’t enough. Instead we got these workers covered in body condoms wandering around pretending to work.

Look Mom! NO hands!

Exhibit H: The scariest mustard you have/will ever encounter. Honestly this demon gives Krampus a run for his money. And it’s sold at your local Conad supermarket. Hungry?

Seriously I might need to cuddle with a teddy bear to fall asleep tonight after seeing some of these photos once again. I bet I’m not the only one to see things like this around town so now it’s your turn! 

What have YOU seen that was slightly freaky or just plain weird in Florence? Don’t hold back! 

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0 Comment

  1. Reply
    13.08.2013 at 11:12

    I loved this post! It’s so true that even though a city is a cultural goldmine or fashion center or major tourist spot, it still holds some surprising/scary/downright creepy moments in different corners! I may also have to pull out the teddy bear tonight after seeing these images…

    1. Reply
      13.08.2013 at 11:43

      Thanks Cassandra! It’s tempting to show only the ‘good stuff’ but hey the wierd/odd/funny random moments deserve a home too! ;-). #beafraid

  2. Reply
    13.08.2013 at 11:45

    I’m leaving the Tuscan hills tomorrow for a trip into town…..kinda nervous as to what I might find now!? Lol great post

    1. Reply
      13.08.2013 at 12:49

      haha – I am sure you will be just fine. If you spot anything weird – send it to me! 😉

  3. Reply
    Kristen Peterson
    13.08.2013 at 12:22

    This is great! Only thing missing is the guy who thinks he’s Elvis…

    1. Reply
      13.08.2013 at 12:49

      ooooooooooo actually I am totally planning a post on the local ‘characters’ around town. Do you have any pics?

      1. Reply
        Loscerbo Mary
        14.08.2013 at 9:28

        Is Tarzan still around? He was a real card. Would stand up on his bike while riding around PIazza Signoria doing the Tarzan howl. He was actually really quite good but still…..wierd!

        1. Reply
          14.08.2013 at 11:30

          hhahhahah i know exactly WHO you mean. I need to really compile this list of ‘local florentine personalities..’

    2. Reply
      13.08.2013 at 12:58

      Yup ”Elvis” is something alright!

      1. Reply
        13.08.2013 at 16:56

        ok now I really need to see this guy!!!

  4. Reply
    13.08.2013 at 15:05

    The so-called mass of fur is insulation and was probably pulled from what appears to be an ash pit to the right of the gas meter.

    1. Reply
      13.08.2013 at 16:56

      that would make more sense but I also believe a skinned ewok makes a good guess 😉

  5. Reply
    13.08.2013 at 15:08

    Funny post! Although I’d be a little concerned about the guy in the haz-mat suit (aka body condom…ha, ha). Makes you wonder what’s in the water to make him anxious to wear that outfit in the middle of August.

    1. Reply
      13.08.2013 at 16:55

      truth be told the photo was taken in march but still, if he had to wear that, it makes me wonder why we as apartment residents weren’t warned… sometimes it’s better NOT to ask..

      1. Reply
        13.08.2013 at 17:08


    2. Reply
      09.09.2013 at 11:31

      I believe that is the kind of suit they wear when they are dealing with asbestos.
      Great blog!

      1. Reply
        09.09.2013 at 12:45

        I believe it! too bad, I didn’t have the same 😀

  6. Reply
    Bike Pretty (@BikePretty)
    13.08.2013 at 20:10

    Best. Post. Ever.
    It’s so accurate. Sometimes I would be all “did I seriously just see that?”
    Thanks for capturing the moments of creepiness around Fi.

    1. Reply
      13.08.2013 at 21:42

      haha no problem girl! depending on how often this happens – this may be a quarterly post 😉

  7. Reply
    14.08.2013 at 0:14

    I have the same prism that is mixed in with the Legos sitting on my desk. I think I inherited it from my Father in Law! Maybe the gut was wearing a haz-mat suit to just keep dry and keep his clothes clean or the break was a serer pipe.

    1. Reply
      14.08.2013 at 0:16

      Forgot the important part. I really enjoyed this post!!!!

      1. Reply
        14.08.2013 at 0:20

        thanks Gil! 🙂

    2. Reply
      09.09.2013 at 21:50

      Sewer pipe!

  8. Reply
    Debbie Oakes
    14.08.2013 at 10:13

    Really enjoyed! My fav was the ewok fur. Looking forward to more…! x

    1. Reply
      14.08.2013 at 11:29

      thanks! Everytime I see something odd – i snap a pic so round two will likely be this fall! ;-).

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