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Florence food photo diary: sushi, veggies burgers, brunch and ‘Cacciucco’


Do you ever just have one of those absolutely fabulous good foodie weeks that you just have to share with the world? Well I do, after all most of my life seems to about chasing that amazing meal or crisp glass of Rose wine. Nothing particularly fancy or unique, but more so a very wide variety of delicious meals that must be blogged about.

During my insane work week running around town glued to my computer like an extra appendage, I don’t get to really eat a ton during lunch and sometimes even dinner. This summer, I mostly munch on salads, fruit and guzzle espresso or iced coffee like there is no tomorrow. So meeting with friends for a great meal is just about my idea of a perfect distraction. Some people like to buy expensive clothes, I like to spend time with friends over food.

My first mention goes to sushi. Yep, every once in a while you have to indulge that Japanese craving and while there is no shortage of sushi eateries in the city, truth be told, they are not all equal. I avoid most of them in the center due to really high prices and mediocre quality. Recently though, I went to Hoseki on via il prato and loved it! The right price, a decent variety of options and a badass appetizer plate.

My appetizer – all MINE {greedy Georgette}

Next up? Dinner at my friend Gianna’s house where she made the  absolute yummiest veggie burgers [ I know white beans, egg & corn were involved} I have ever tasted complete with her own version of spicy ketchup. I will make her give me the recipe for the blog and also coerce her into making me this again, it was that good. Brava Gianna!

who needs meat? {and no, I am not a vegetarian}

Next really can’t be counted as a proper meal but in my world it is, so thus it is included. I mentioned in my last post my visit to Forte Belvedere, but I didn’t talk about the awesome picnic lunch we packed! We decided to go the French fancypants route and pack a variety of cheeses including Camembert, brie, grapes & cherries, figs, bread and of course WINE. I even had this cool picnic basket  that holds a few wine glasses – voila! You have yourself a Saturday afternoon my friends :-).

Next up is a dish that I have been dying to try and never had the chance too {hangs head in shame}. Cacciucco {fish soup originating from Livorno}. Imagine more fish {clams, octopus, calamari and more} than you can dream of, bread, awesome spices and some bread in a bowl and you pretty much have the idea. I happened to have mine at a summer sagra {food festival} at the Festa della Unita Varlungo by Saschall and my plate of heaven was only 6 euros! No joke! The sagra is going on until the 28th, so if you get the chance to go, I highly recommend it.

Last but not least is brunch at Dolce Lab on via dei macci in Florence. If you haven’t yet been to this Anthropology store err I mean coffee shop/lunch/brunch/sweets place, you need to go! The inside makes my inner girly girl super happy, the owners are incredibly nice and helpful and the food is delicious and the right price. And they are open on Sunday. I went this past domenica with my friends Kate & Rob for a cake but ended up getting the lunch special because it was too tempting to pass up. Cold rice salad served in a jar {awesome idea}, savory pancakes with salmon {perfectly fluffy} and possibly the best strawberry & white chocolate muffin I have ever eaten. That and a caffe napolotana for a little over 10 euros means this might just be my new favorite hangout!

So while contrary to popular belief, I do not eat like this every day — I wish I did ;-).  The truth is I try to eat healthy when I am not dining out. Nothing is more annoying when you hear a size zero model casually talking about how she eats pizza for breakfast, right… you mean cotton balls soaked in orange juice, right? No problems here, I most definitely have no future in the US size 0-4 department and that’s all right by me!

Lets get real here though, food is a pretty major part of my life here in Italy and I am always open to trying new places and always seeking out new flavors. Si mangia! 

What about you? Any new places in Florence I should try? 

Restaurants mentioned above:

  • Hoseki, Via il Prato 64-66, 50123 Florence, Italy. website
  • Dolce Lab, Via de Macci, 38r 50122 Florence, Italy +39 055 386 0279, website
  • Festa della Unita Varlungo – Summer sagra until July 28th behind Saschall. website

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  1. Ziggy
    25.07.2013 at 20:03

    Loving the look of that Cacciucco. We just came back a few weeks ago. Best meal was Da Ruggero – blog post to come. Favorite museum – Mercato Centrale 😉

    1. ggnitaly84
      26.07.2013 at 10:02

      oooo I’ll keep an eye out!

  2. bakeritalia
    10.08.2013 at 15:46

    It all looks fabulous……I will be checking out Dolce lab now, thanks!

    1. ggnitaly84
      11.08.2013 at 23:08

      when you do let me know what you think!

  3. Shivangi
    13.09.2013 at 13:25

    The rice salad in a jar looks damn funky, but what i’d really like to try is that gorgeous comforting fish soup. Looks perfect for a chilly evening ! Drooooool !!