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Meykadeh bookstore cafe – best soy chai latte in Florence


meykadehTraditionally (so I have noticed since living in Florence, Italy since 2007) Italians happen to be more ‘coffee’ people than tea drinkers. We associate this country with bustling cafe bars – elbow to elbow full of people clamoring for their daily shot of espresso, or in my case un bel macchiato. While this is still true, lately I have noticed that tea is gaining more of a following here. While yes people mostly seem to enjoy it when sick with lemon and honey, sometimes I just want milk in my tea and no I’m not english.  More and more I have seen tea places crop up like the one that I visited on porta romana in December and I for one, am thrilled to finally have some choices.

The first time I ever had a decent chai tea in florence was at the famous Mago Merlino tea house owned by an eccentric owner who had you slip off your shoes before settling down on the carpeted floor for your tea. It really was an experience and the chai he made was exceptional but a little too pricey for a weekly venture [membership card was also required]. I have been on the hunt for a place that makes a perfect chai latte with milk ever since that keeps better hours than Mago {we never could figure out when he was open} and finally, finally have found it, yessss!

meykadeh florence italy

What started off as a lazy saturday, well lazy until I decided we should walk from our house to the center of town which was five kilometers in total, fun! With the weather being not so nice lately, why not take the one weekend day when it wasn’t pouring and get some exercise. We set off and of course I had an alternative motive which was visiting {finally} this cafe that I have been dying to stop at since I wrote a blog post about bookstore, cafes in the center a year ago or so. Called Meykadeh – this cozy cafe/bookstore is located on a small street near piazza santa croce – very central if not a little hidden.

Wonderful vibes as soon as I walked in and met the friendly owner, Valentina who also happened to carry the teas from one of my new favorite places in Florence – Tealicious. Small inside and very cute, they also sell books and hold various interesting events here, a hipster haven if you ask me. Inside was the same awesome smell-your-tea dry-erase board that Tealicious had and sure enough, they carried chai. T-man indulged in a hot chocolate, he really can’t get enough lately, and both our drinks came with yummy biscotti (cookies). His hot chocolate was creamy and perfect and also was thankfully not seven euros 😉 –  while my chai tea was, just beautiful. All for a total cost of 6.50 for the two, perfect for my budget wallet. Finally I found a place in Florence that serves this magical treat and also happens to have free wifi, breakfast and open on Sundays. Score!

Meykadeh Library Cafe
Via dei Pepi 14r 
Website:, FB page

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  1. Reply
    15.01.2013 at 22:10

    The last time I was in Florence I walked around a little bit near Santa Croce, it seemed like there were a ton of cool restaurants and caffès in that area. This place looks cool — it’s always nice when you can find one of those treats from home that you really miss!

    1. Reply
      15.01.2013 at 23:55

      they do have some nice places in that area!

  2. Reply
    17.01.2013 at 18:05

    My kinda place!

    1. Reply
      17.01.2013 at 18:14

      its great! I was back again today 😉

  3. Reply
    15.09.2013 at 14:42

    So glad I found this, I’m studying in Florence and miss my chai lattes from home! Thank you 🙂

    1. Reply
      15.09.2013 at 22:22

      same here, I need my chai lattes as well!

  4. Reply
    20.09.2013 at 19:45

    Went to Meykadeh library cafe and it is totally worth it! Had been looking for a cafe to just sit and relax in and maybe read a book, and walking through Florence I just couldn’t find anything like that. Read this blog and decided to give it a shot…loved it! The lady running the place was extremely nice. And the building is very awesome! Totally worth going if your in Florence.

    1. Reply
      23.09.2013 at 8:36

      Thank you Sara! I love this place and the ambience (and I agree with you about the woman that works there). In fact, I am needed a cuppa myself!

  5. Reply
    12.01.2014 at 15:34

    Hi GG. Is this still open? It appears as if the domain name for the website has expired?

    1. Reply
      12.01.2014 at 16:31

      I was just there in December so I would think ( hope ) so. 🙂

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