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January 2013

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Breakfast with a view on via tornabuoni

tornabuoni firenze

Discovering yet another rooftop with a view in Florence is my own personal holy grail. I adore any view overlooking my city and the one that I most recently discovered happens to be on top of boutique hotel Antica Torre di Via Tornabuoni –  one of the famous ‘tower houses’ in the city. According to their site ” It was built during the first half of the 13th century by the Guelf Family, the Ruggerinis, and was then inherited by the Fastellis and the…

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Discovering the Vasari Corridor, secret passageway of the Medicis

vasari corridor florence italy

Last Friday I got the really awesome opportunity to see something I have been wanting to see for years in Florence. A private tour of the famous ‘Vasari Corridor’ – or 1 kilometer long secret passageway linking the Palazzo Vecchio – Uffizi Museum with the Pitti Palace and specifically commissioned for the famous Medici Family. What family, however rich, could possibly have the power to alter a city just for them? Well the Medici Family can and did, chew on that…

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My secret Sunday escape in Tuscany

monte giovi

This Sunday we were treated to a nice change of pace from almost constant rain every weekend this January. I made tman promise me that we would peer pressure his parents to take us to Acone – a small town near Rufina that I have mentioned previously. We like to tell people we go just because its perfect for hiking but lets keep it real – we mainly go because of this awesome little restaurant {the only one in town}…

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Of music and memory

I am sure I am not the first person on the planet to be transported into a fleeting memory when a certain song comes on. You know what I am talking about, the song that you end up pressing repeat 10 times in a row until you wonder if your neighbor thinks you may have some sort of issue with your computer. Just for fun this Friday — I want to share five songs that transport me into another world & a…

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Stibbert Museum in Florence – haven of treasures

When writing this post,  I still really can’t believe it’s took me this long to visit Stibbert Museum but I admit it just wasn’t a priority. Always left for another day, I thought how interesting could weapons and armory be? As usual this January in Florence, Italy. The weather is absolutely bipolar, it’s going to rain, nope it’s going to snow, nope it’s going to be sunny –– no-one really knows, weather forecasters included. This of course makes it tricky to…

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How not to get a phone plan in Italy

So rarely do I use my blog as a tool to rant about what I don’t like about Italy but this was just such a frustrating experience that I had to share with you all so that hopefully you don’t waste your own time doing the same as me. If you are a fan of my blog’s facebook page you probably know that I have been in the market for a new phone for some time now. Since a lot…

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