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Florence Italy in December – A photo Diary

I have taken so many photos of Florence, Italy since they have put up the christmas lights that it occurred to me why not put them all in one place. It may be colder than ever but at the very least, while all of us look like mini versions of the Michelin man - we all have something pretty to look at. To be fair, the historical center is beautiful at any given time but if you haven’t been around lately, my suggestion is to pick a non-weekend night and just take a leisurely stroll around the center and soak it all in {just don’t forget gloves}.

Florence, my love, you never cease to dress up for any given occasion ;)

florence italy christmasflorence duomo christmas

florence piazza santa croce

florence christmas marketsflorence italy christmasflorence italy christmasflorence italy christmasflorence italy christmas boarbec3DSCN6428

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12 thoughts on “Florence Italy in December – A photo Diary

      • That’s so clever! I used to work and study there for several years. I took some pictures too, but most of them are “pictures of the soul or of the heart”: made by blinking with the eyes and trying to memorize forever… but sometimes memories need to be refreshed and your pictures are just the best! Thanks a lot. I’ll follow your eyes on this journey ;-)

    • october is a great month to visit Florence, not too hot and not yet freezing. RIght now the city is indeed beautiful but also freezing cold!

      I also love the fleur de lis, here they call it the “giglio” or lily in Italian :-)

      • thinking of travelling to Florence and Paris late November December and January with wife and two children aged 9 and 5. Is it really as cold as I read? We have been to Paris twice before( 8 weeks each time) in July /August, the weather was nice but the sound of Christmas in Paris and Florence is appealing. What are your thoughts

      • It will be cold but I really like Florence before Christmas, they light up the city and there is a christmas market in one of the Piazzas. January can be a bit depressing here.

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