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A South-West France food photo-blog

This is not a part of my normal series “why you should visit…” but something I just had to incorporate due to my love of food.

When I first went to France years ago, Paris, with a friend. I didn’t exactly have the best food or wine experience. I was young (21) and my friend’s preferred dinner included no carbs and many meals of apple and cheese. yikes.

This August I decided to tag along with my awesome friend Nico to his hometown of Castelnaudary to see more of France from a local’s perspective. For some reason I wasn’t expecting to be wowed by the food since I never remembered anything spectacular from my previous experience.

For example: I love cheese but feel that if it’s so stinky you have to triple wrap it in paper – it’s not for me.

Instead, as usual when you think you know what to expect, you actually don’t. I –Loved –Everything! 

One example: Eating with a  family we indulged in a cheese plate every night and I loved it, even the strong roquefort, though my favorite was camembert. While at my friend’s house, we ate perfect gazpaucho, a dreamy dark chocolate cake, crisp champagne, local Rose wine and many meals involving duck {which can be hard to find in Italy}.

There is truly nothing like the experience of actually sitting down with someone’s family and eating what they eat. You can’t buy that in a restaurant.

Why talk about what I ate though, and instead share this photoblog of my favorite dishes this trip. Enjoy! 

South-West France cheese plate – a cheese lovers dream

chicken with seasonal veggies & rice

cassoulet – famous dish from Castelnaudary

lemon sorbet soaked in vodka

aperitif french style! with Suze

couscous Moroccan style

Rose cider

savory crepe with mushrooms & chive

Two types of quiche & fresh salad and Rose wine

Banoffee pie

Aperitif – Kir

steak and frites (fries). This was amazing

champagne French style

gazpaucho, lovely cold soup

yum yum yum

chocolate truffle cake

honey, bread and goat cheese #winning

banana and nutella crepe

one “light” roadside lunch

tuna summer salad

Fois Gras

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0 Comment

  1. Yoolie
    14.09.2012 at 10:20

    HA you really speak my mind. I just returned from a Soth France vacay, and I think I gained five pounds thanks to the cheese and sweets. We only ate out, must be great to have somebody local cook for you!

    1. ggnitaly84
      14.09.2012 at 10:39

      yeah we definitely had to detox for a few days when we got back. We actually only ate out a few times but when we did…wow. The food in the Basque country is also really really good!

  2. Jennifer Avventura
    14.09.2012 at 12:18

    Yum! Roquefort is one of my favourite cheeses. Great food photos, no what to cook for lunch? 😉

    1. ggnitaly84
      14.09.2012 at 12:31

      sooooo good. I’m thinking vegetable soup or pasta with zucchini

      1. Jennifer Avventura
        14.09.2012 at 12:40

        I’ve decided on a tuna salad!

        1. ggnitaly84
          14.09.2012 at 12:42

          yum send me some!

  3. Mani (A New Life In India)
    29.08.2013 at 14:17

    YUM! I’ll take all the desserts, and the bread and cheese, and the drinks, and everything else too.

    1. ggnitaly84
      29.08.2013 at 15:48

      me too! I’m obsessed 😉