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Hard Rock Caffe Firenze & Night-walking

After one long day this week all I wanted to do when I got home was flop on the couch and go to bed early. Of course, after logging onto facebook I happened to come across Hard Rock Caffe’s fan page promoting their one-year anniversary of opening in Florence and invited people to come down and grab their legendary burger for only 71 cents. Say what?!

To be honest, I don’t normally crave American food when I’m in Italy. I grew up in a city in Texas where Mexican cuisine ( and of course BBQ) were more of the traditional fare. Hard Rock as a franchise is pretty expensive (14 euros for a burger?) so it’s not somewhere me and t-man normally frequent. Of course we couldn’t beat 71 cents and I figured why not use the opportunity to head into the center for a night-time walk.

When we arrived we spotted the massive balloon entrance, staff sporting multi-colored wigs and a huge guitar-shaped cake taking center stage in the waiting room. I mentioned the deal to one of the wig-wearers only to be told, “no” then “yes” then “no” (clearly not all of the people working there were informed) and just as we were giving up and leaving – “pink wig” told us to sit at the bar and wait for her. Righty-o ma’am! We sat down and possibly the friendliest waiter in Italy arrived more excited than we were about this 71-cent burger. We ended up eating too much and downing one too many coca-cola lights (as you should since they are 3.50 a pop!).

Of course being the gluttons that we are, we were able to psychologically justify getting the brownie-ice cream dessert which was as you can imagine, divine.

Afterwards we both we’re about to burst so a long walk around the city was most definitely in order. During the day Florence is filled with large tour-groups following sunflower-toting guides, students, honking cars and general chaos. Lucky for us, it was a beautiful night with a slight breeze flowing. Taking the time to walk around absorbing the scenery always reminds me why I chose to live here, this city is a visual feast for the eyes. Minus the fact that gypsies were using the public water fountain in Piazza Annunziata to wash their clothes.

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    15.06.2012 at 16:44

    As they say – I was day late and 71 cents short. Looks like you had fun. So what’s the deal with the 4th of July – any happenings the expats should know about?

    1. Reply
      15.06.2012 at 16:48

      it was pretty cool namely because we are cheapos. 4th of july, this is what I got from afriendinflorence

      Independence Day
      L’Associazione Toscana USA onlus vi invita a celebrare la festa dell’Indipendenza USA
      Patrocinio: Comune di Scandicci, Comune di Firenze e Consolato USA Firenze
      DOMENICA 1 LUGLIO dalle 17:00-24:00
      Giardini del Castello dell’Acciaiolo – Scandicci
      Dove: Castello dell’ Acciaiolo, Via Pantin, Scandicci 200 metri dalla fermata del tram RESISTENZA
      Giochi: Disc Golf – Pallavolo – Flag Football – Angolo per i bambini
      Falconeria La “Big Band” di Scandicci
      Inni Nazionali con Letizia Dei Francesco Schina Trio Story Board
      17:00-17:45 Inizio Giochi 17:45-18:30 Falconeria con Nando 18:30-19:00 Inni Nazionali con Letizia Dei
      Seguito da un benvenuto dalle autorità
      19:00-20:15 Big Band Filarmonica Vincenzo Bellini di Scandicci 20:30-21:30 Francesco Schina Trio 21:45-23:15 Story Board
      Con la partecipazione di:
      Associazione La Melagrana AUSER AVO Casa Alessia Casa del Popolo Casellina Casa del Popolo Vingone Insieme Croce Rossa Italiana – Scandicci Kinesia aps Libera Scandicci Lo Spazio delle Donne Misericordia Lastra a Signa – sez.Scandicci Oratorio Salesiani Torregalli P.A. Humanitas – Scandicci Proloco San Vincenzo a Torri Soci Coop sez. Scandicci Spingi La Vita

      1. Reply
        15.06.2012 at 17:14

        doesn’t talk about a BBQ – what kind of 4th doesn’t have a BBQ!!

        I’ll be having a BBQ on the 4th at my place, if you can get there you are invited!

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