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Hello world, new start, Befana and Birther.. here goes!

New Year new blog, I decided I hate my current blog which actually annoys me every time I see its homepage and actually de-inspires me to write.. So toast to 2011 and this new puppy of mine. They say blogs should have a theme and since I am not looking to make money off blogging or actually cry if no one deigns to read it.. I am not going to be strict about that.. sometime blogging ( to me ) can come off as a bit narcissistic and well I am starting to realize pretty much every user-profile based social application is..

thoughts of the day.. will be my lame attempt at a theme. But here is a brief synopsis of who I am if you don’t feel like checking out the profile page. I am 26. American and living in Florence Italy. My former blog contains all sorts of self-revealing details about why, what and how. But after feasting while celebrating Befana tonight.. I can barely even register this..

So here goes. What is my thought of  the ‘day’? Well, I don’t even try to understand why an old scary looking witch on a broom warrants a holiday that extends the Italian workforce into having more time off besides Christmas, but I’ll take it.  I kind of secretly love that you leave Befana WINE and some food, can you imagine if we were leaving the jolly saint nick some whiskey and perhaps potato chips to stave off that hangover? Yet another reason why I have a special draw to Italians and their cultural traditions.

As for news and whatnot since I do like talking about current events and politics.. DISCLAIMER:  stop reading if your already turned off by politics, news or things I may or may not agree with you about, this is just one girl’s opinion after all. I love that there was a birther comment in the house today ( house of rep ) and subsequently the top MSN politics article was regarding the citizenship of our elected president aka “Obama is a citizen”

Let me take a moment and just say, WOW. It really shocks and saddens me that there a need for that to be clarified. Have we not gotten past the point that our elected president is indeed a citizen? Who is questioning whether John McCain was born in America (he was actually born in Panama on the Coco Solo Naval Air Station…sketchy if you ask me (kidding). Slap me twice already that people are focusing on this instead of the very real issues they should be focusing on, such as feeding their family, the recession, the situation in Iran, how much wall-street really doesn’t care about you, or who will be eliminated next on The Bacholor,  just thought that was kinda funny and very very sad. 

Until we meet again.. enjoy Befana and further birther incidents.. I have to admit, it’s a fun word anyway!

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    07.01.2011 at 18:29

    Much better!

    Isn’t it funny how some layouts de-inspire us to write? My last one did that too. I liked it, and I spent a lot of time creating it, but then it totally put me off from writing. I couldn’t write when I had it, so I had to make a new one. This one has been with me for six months or so now and I still haven’t gotten tired of it!

    Happy 2011 G, hope you’ll blog more from now on! 🙂

  2. Reply
    08.01.2011 at 0:57

    thanks Annika! I will blog more.. and I am happy to know I am not the only one to be -inspired by a blog layout. Blogger was just so cluttered and cheesy looking , I couldn’t even take MYSELF seriously.. so hence the new one.. I love your blog as well! so beautifully written!

  3. Reply
    Mrs. Moglie
    16.01.2011 at 18:48

    Hi ^.^ I found your (old) blog through the pinkitaly forum which then lead me to your new blog -hehe- I’d like to stay current on your posts – is there a way to “subscribe” or “follow”? I’m not familiar with wordpress … in the meantime, I’ll keep checking in the old fashioned way, by email 🙂 Buona serata da Roma !!

  4. Reply
    08.02.2011 at 20:17

    love your writing style! sounds like we have a lot in common… i am 28, love food and wine, went to live in l.a. at 20 and now i am here! congrats on your new blog.. i was thinking of switching over to wordpress but i just changed my blogger all around and it IS inspiring! ciao bella!

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